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COVID adaptations...

As with other organizations, at EDCRC we have Covid protocol in place. Click here to view. When visiting, please read and follow the signs. If you have any symptoms, or have recently travelled, please stay home and make your visit by phone. Mask wearing is a must at this point. Keep social distance as well.

We are resuming some in person Family programs this summer... Play in the Park and Art in the Park. Please sign in at the registration table. Masks will still be required for adults when they aren't socially distanced. Enjoy!

Thank you and stay safe!

We are able to accept donations via e-transfer now, at edcomrc@gmail.com. THANKS!


Enderby and District Community Resource Centre (EDCRC) is a registered non profit society with charitable status with Canada Revenue Agency.
EDCRC is governed by a board of directors and receives an annual financial audit.

Mission Statement

The Enderby and District Community Resource Centre
works for a healthier community.

Recipe_Family Place Biscuits.jpg

Enderby and District Community Resource Centre
Open Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm

1110 Belvedere Street Enderby, BC
(St. Andrew’s United Church Building)

Box 1001 Enderby, British Columbia V0E 1V0

(250) 838-9446 edcomrc@gmail.com


Check us out on Facebook!

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